Another pregnant woman is missing again It's happened again. Another woman 9 months pregnant disappears. Another strong turnout of searchers, eager for some clue about the woman's fate, is expected today. Davis' mother, Patty Porter, said today on "Good Morning America" that the show of support had been "absolutely overwhelming." "We're going to find who did this, and we're going to find my daughter," Porter said. Her family is convinced that foul play was involved in Davis' disappearance. "I know she didn't leave," Porter said. "I know everything she is about my daughter. She really was my best friend." Father of Woman's Kids Says 'It's Been Hell' A Thursday night prayer vigil capped off the day of searching. Porter said that the family was doing its best to hold things together, and that Davis' son, 2yearold Blake, was helping to keep the family going. "He's an amazing child," Porter said. "He has periods where he just lays his head down on the couch and has a horrible look of sadness. Then the next moment he'll have a beautiful big smile." A canine search unit alerted the FBI to a suspicious mound of dirt that appeared to be freshly dug, but a search revealed no evidence of a body. "It turned out to be a marijuana grove, that's all it was," said one police officer. Searchers are hoping for better luck today, as they turn to sonar detection and drone airplane surveillance. Cutts spoke exclusively to the Repository, an Ohio newspaper, saying that he'd be naive to think he wasn't a suspect. "I haven't been myself. I can't sleep. I can't eat," Cutts told the paper. "It's been hell. This is like a movie. I'm just numb. I cry, I stare into space. I don't know it's not real. It doesn't seem like it's real."