another porn star emerges Naples Daily News There have been no shortage of stories and more women, including another porn star, linked to Tiger Woods. But you might notice that you haven't seen the world's greatest golfer featured between your favorite primetime shows. Since reports of his extramarital affairs, , according to a report by Bloomberg News and data from the Neilson Co. The 33yearold Woods hasn't been seen in ad since a 30second Gillette Co. spot on Nov. 29 two days after his infamous car wreck outside his Orlando home. Surprisingly, Woods didn't appear in a single ad during NFL action last weekend. Woods has an estimated $110 million in endorsement deals with companies such as Nike, Tag Heuer, AT and Electronic Arts Inc. Woods' popularity is dropping according to the Davie Brown Index. The Davie Brown Index tracks the popularity of over 2,400 celebrities and is considered a resource for brand marketers and agencies to determine celebrities' marketability. Gatorade says it is discontinuing its Tiger Woods drink but says it made the decision before the golfer's car accident led to a media firestorm surrounding his personal life. The decision to drop the drink, called Tiger Focus, was first reported by trade publication Beverage Digest in an issue dated Nov. 25, days before the incident at Woods' home in Florida. Naples Daily News columnist David Moulton suggests to Woods in an open letter that the Big D divorce may be the best solution to this publicity nightmare. Everyone's talking about Tiger Woods. Except the players at the Shark Shootout being held in Naples this week. At least to the media. Porn actress Veronica SiwikDaniels, who performs under the name Joslyn James and specializes in kinky sex, is about the 10th woman to be linked to Woods. SiwikDaniels has provided "years of faithful service to [Woods'] virulent sexual appetite," according to the Deadspin report. The drama continued on Tuesday when a panicked woman called 911 from Woods' Orlandoarea mansion, telling the dispatcher that her mother had collapsed. "Oh my God! Hurry up," the woman says as a child is heard crying in the background. Wood's motherinlaw, Barbro Holmberg, was rushed to a hospital early Tuesday with stomach pains. Although she was released about 11 hours later and returned to the pro golfer's house, the event touched off the second media frenzy in two weeks surrounding Woods' carefully guarded private life. Well. this is just the beginning. It is all about "money". and selling a "Tellall Story' to the media. plus TV appearances. Probably a couple of book offers in there too for all these lovely women. I wonder if one of his servants will sell him out for cheap. or for several hundred thousand bux finders fee for a TellAll? Those girlfriend bimbos are popping out of the woods like flies. If I wanted to make some paparazzi bucks. I would probably try to get the names of FORMER employees and offer to PAY for their story. if they ever saw him with another woman or heard him talk sex on the phone. A smart exemployee of Woods might get CREATIVE and tell or makeup stories for the money too. Mr. Tiger is a money maker for others right now. The exemployee could be vague when giving a story by saying. "He was with a BLONDE last summer. but I don't remember the name. but I remember she had a nice body. and the other woman had nice boobs. and I heard some mushy messages on the phone while his wife was gone. but I did not pay attention to the names at the time. " Since there is some proof in the news that Mr. Tiger was fooling around. the media is printing anything now without the usual locklipping PROOF pictures. if remotely involving sex and Mr. Tiger Woods. Ha! These bimbos and exemployees could get very creative with a story of bimbo women they saw or heard. and get a $10,000+ payout for the story. The National Enquirer pays $10K on some of their hot stories too. Then the exemployee goes on TV and gets another payday for his (or her) stories. (after spending a few hours with a media coach of course) Ha! The UK pays a lot more for these stories. Ha! Sounds like fun fun for anyone that might need a PAY DAY and knew Tiger Woods. Looks like Mr. Tiger is into phone sex too. So how many media outlets are trying to buy or steal his credit card invoices to track down the rest of the bimbos? Ha! Tiger Woods has a prenup so the wife will get whatever is in writing. maybe a little extra $ to keep her mouth shut in the future too. Also I am sure Mr. Tiger has a few enemies out there. that will help the media make him look like a fool. You don't get that rich without leaving some bodies behind you. . go figure